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Join the Battle to Turn Disaster into an Opportunity

Covid-19 may have destroyed many industries, but it could not be that monolithic and equally fatal to each and every industry. As our prime minister suggests, “turn disaster into an opportunity.” Pharma industry can be present as a perfect example of it. Rising demand has put extra pressure on production and distribution. It is a testing time and Zedip Formulation, a leading PCD Pharmaceutical Franchise in Ahmedabad is ready to take on any challenge. By fulfilling the demands of our country, we here in the pharma industry can also play a vital role to support the pillar of our economy as well.  We invite you to participate in this noble and fruitful journey to serve as a distributor/franchisee and in many other ways.

 Ahmedabad is the major pharmaceutical hub of India. It is all because of the experienced players like Zedip formulation. After being established as a leading pcd pharma franchise in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, we are aiming to emerge as a leading pharma franchise company in India. Despite having a chaotic supply chain and restrictions, we could manage to fulfill all our promises with the consumers. More distributors and franchisees can fulfill our dream to reach at every corner of our big and great country.         

Zedip formulation as a leading pcd pharma franchise in Ahmedabad always welcome your queries, contact number and other relevant information is available on our website.

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