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Zedip Sees Self-Reliant India Possible only with Domestic Foot Soldiers of the Market

Pharma industry has never been a talk of the town to this extend, especially before this pandemic. But the Indian pharma sector exists as a pharmacy of the world. It would be a bit unfortunate that even after the global acknowledgement, if the last man standing at the corner of our own country had to wait.

Zedip formulation started its journey as a passion, but these unpredictable times have made it a mission for us to deliver the best.  By providing you with the best quality tablets, capsules, syrups and many other essentials, Zedip formulation has established itself as a leading pharmaceutical PCD based company in Ahmedabad. But our vision is to emerge as a leading pharma Franchise company in India. So we encourage you to be a part of our family since this dream cannot come into exists without efficient distributors and franchisee.  Zedip formulation is a PCD based company in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) earned an exceptional reputation and needs your hard work on the ground to fulfill its aims and objectives.

The slogan of our government “Aatma Nirbhar bharat” or self-reliant India can only be executed with the help of local players. To make India self-reliant, the government is paying its whole attention to the domestic pharma sector. So this can be an opportunity for some new domestic players to jump in the market to cater the necessities.

Although Zedip is based in Ahmadabad (Gujarat), but our aspirations are not bound in any particular geographical sphere, your partnership from the remote area would bring us some more ideas about rural India or remote India, and being liberal management we appreciate every kind of positive innovations from our franchisee. We are building our infrastructure to meet the expectations of 1 billion people.

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